Some people will be delighted, but others may feel unsure when they hear we are a vegan cafe. Trust us, it doesn’t mean our food isn’t for everyone. We’re careful to make sure that the only thing you think when you eat it is: “Wow…. That’s delicious!”, and we’re always finding creative ways of producing familiar dishes, just in their vegan form. 

We’re a workers’


this is a model we chose because we believe in the importance of

non-exploitation, empowering people and building strong communities.

In a workers’ co-operative, employees have the option of becoming joint owners of the business, with democratic control afforded by one vote each in decision-making forums.


Importantly, workers decide whether and when profits go back to the business, to the employees, or to support the community. In this way, the local community benefits as profits are not syphoned off to faraway places, and this can never change even as the business grows.