Some people will be delighted, but others may feel unsure when they hear we are a vegan cafe. Trust us, it doesn’t mean our food isn’t for everyone. We’re careful to make sure that the only thing you think when you eat it is: “Wow…. That’s delicious!”, and we’re always finding creative ways of producing familiar dishes, just in their vegan form. 

 We believe Veganism is important for our health, the planet, and of course the animals. Therefore we aim to make it as accessible as possible. We offer a wide range of completely Vegan products in both our Cafe and Shop. From delicious food and drinks to skincare and literature.

Here at Bonobo, we try our hardest to utilise the amazing community surrounding us in Scotland. We love working with other absolutely fantastic companies we are so blessed to have so close to us.

Shopping at Bonobo means you're not just supporting one small independent business but many others as well. We look to be a hub for all things Vegan here in Aberdeen.

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Shopping Local

We think, now more than ever, that a good sense of community is essential to living a fulfilling life.

You'll always be welcome with plenty of happy faces at Bonobo.

Community is also why we like to host events where people can meet, chat, and build friendships. Keep an eye on our Facebook for upcoming events.


Workers Co-Op

We chose to operate with this model as we believe in the importance of non-exploitation, empowering people, and building strong communities. In a workers’ co-operative, employees have the option of becoming joint owners of the business, with democratic control afforded by one vote each in decision-making forums.

Importantly, workers decide whether and when profits go back to the business, to the employees, or to support the community. In this way, the local community benefits as profits are not syphoned off to faraway places, and this can never change even as the business grows. 

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