Local Businesses We Love  

We are so blessed here at Bonobo to be surrounded by amazing businesses in Aberdeen, the Shire, and Scotland as a whole. Here's some of our favourites whose products you'll find in the Cafe and the Store.

We love these businesses and we know you will too!

Vegan Bay Baker Logo.png

This hardworking, family-run business is constantly proving that Vegan food doesn't have to be healthy and that it can be incredibly delicious! From doughrings topped with a layer of delicious caramel to decadent fondant fancies, to the delicious bread you'll enjoy with your soup.

You'll be sure to see their amazing treats in our cake display throughout the week.

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Glasgow-based, woman-owned, and eco-conscious. These amazing women not only handcraft gorgeous soaps and cosmetics that you'll find in our shop. They also put focus on ensuring their products don't harm the environment. No harsh chemicals, no plastic packaging. Just 100% plant-based goodness to leave you feeling fresh and clean. 

Whether it's getting clean, relaxing in the bathtub, or giving your skin some loving moisture these incredible gals have you covered.

You can find their products in the shop or online in the Personal Care section!

OchVegan Logo.png
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ReTreat Apothecary Logo.png

Make time to re:Treat yourself. Using natural ingredients to help give your skin the boost it needs. Face, Hair + Body oils as well as natural Deoderants, all made with loving care. Using glass bottles and aluminium tins, so not only are all the ingredients natural but the packaging is easily recyclable. Let this beautiful company soothe your skin, freshen your pits, and feel god while doing it!

These natural oils contain NO: palm oil, animal derivatives, colourings, parabens, synthetic fragrence, or mineral oils.

Find them in our Personal Care section on  our online store, or in person!

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Bringing you (and us) delicious tea's and coffee's, with the added extra of CBD which can aid in relaxation, some people also find it to lessen feelings of anxiety and general pain. 

Rebecca + Calum began looking into CBD products to help with Rebecca's Chron's and Fibromyalgia. Finding there to be a huge difference in CBD product qualtity across brands. The pair behind Wee Hemp Co. began the company as a way to ensure they could offer a consistently high quality product at a reasonable price.

wee Hemp Coea8-b9fb-0fb9e29614b7_1654x.png
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prolong scotland.png

Lucia not only makes eyecatching plates of delicious food in our kitchen; she also runs her own apperal design company! This amazing small business uses entirely materials which are destined for the skip. Saving useable materials from landfill to create gorgeous bags and helping to Prolong Scotland. 

You'll be sure to be stylish and sleek, all while knowing you're helping divert materials from the landfill. 

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One of the original Bonobo team; Sarah run's her yoga classes as Sun Moon Shala. All the while she continues to do amazing work here running the 'Baby Cafe' at Bonobo and is a mum to a beautiful baby boy... how does she do it all?!

Sarah runs yoga classes here at Bonobo out in the gorgeous garden space which you can find tickets to on our events page.

Bask in the relaxing atmosphere Sarah creates while giving your body the stretch it needs after sitting down all lockdown!

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The Crafty Pickle Co Logo FINAL RGB.webp

So much edible food goes to landfill and slowly decomposes. Why let it? The Crafty Pickle Co. had just the idea to help stop food waste... by pickling it!

The pair behind The Crafty Pickle Co. aren't just passionate about fighting food waste and creating delicious saurkraut, they also both registered associate nutritionists, and both have backgrounds in microbiology!

These self-proclaimed nerds are sure to tickle your tastebuds with their super lively sauerkrauts.

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Earthy Vegan Cheeses create handcrafted gourmet Vegan cheeses. One of our absolute favourite cheeses is their Smoked Gouda. 

Marie-Anne's family come from great cheese-producing areas in France; Jura and and South-Western Averyon. After a career as a vetinarian surgeon she realised dairy cheeses weren't for her but she couldn't find the same quality she had come to expect. That's why she set off to create delicious cheeses just like she used to enjoy except without the animal cruelty!

All these cheeses are deisgned to be eaten on their own, used in cooking, or melted over pretty much anything.

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