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Organic Cocoa Powder 250g

Organic Cocoa Powder 250g


Equal Exchange Hispaniola Cocoa - Organic & Fairtrade [250g]


  • ORGANIC VEGAN COCOA: Fully Traceable, working with small farmer co-ops around the world.
  • FAIRTRADE: 100% Fairtrade, no mass balance.
  • NATURAL COCOA: 100% pure cocoa, nothing else

PRODUCTS YOU CAN TRUST: Equal Exchange ia a co-op promoting ethical trade. Our organic products include a range of small farmer produced foods.


Our Organic Hispaniola Cocoa is luxurious and malty. No added lecithins, just pure cocoa. Suitable for baking or just as a hot cocoa. Made with our DR Republic co-op partners, CONOCADO.

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