Ecozone Fabric Conditioner - Purity


Keep your clothes beautifully soft with this great Ecozone Purity Fabric Conditioner in your laundry room.

It contains natural plant extracts which will help to keep your laundry and fabrics lovingly soft for you to enjoy wearing every day.

This will last for up to 37 washes in your machine and is the ideal mildly fragranced option for you to use.

The pure ingredients keep fibres smoother so clothes feel gentle and forgiving against your skin.

Its tallow free too which is a common ingredient from animal fat in most fabric conditioners, making this a vegan and cruelty-free fabric conditioner for you to benefit from.

It’s suitable for sensitive skin so you can use this conditioner with your whole family, being free from synthetic dyes, petrochemicals and tallow. 

Features and Benefits

  • Easy to use – Just dose this straight into the fabric softener compartment of your washing machine and set this to run.
  • Eco-friendly – This fabric conditioner has pure ingredients, being cruelty-free and vegan-friendly for your benefit.
  • Sensitive – You can use this for your whole family as it’s free from any synthetic dyes, petrochemicals and tallow that can be reacted to. 


  • 37 washes
  • Tallow free
  • Do not pour directly onto fabrics
  • Dimensions: H25 X W13 X D7cm
  • Colour: White 

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